Solution- Radio Telemetry: A test of time

Posted on by P.J. Kortens

Case Study:  Radio telemetry, a test of time Customer:

Iron Mt, Mi Water Dept

Radio Type:   900 MHz MDS INET Series unlicensed radios.

Problem: A municipal water customer in Iron Mountain, MI requested a solution for cost savings with their data telemetry system.  Rising dedicated phone line expenses between the master and 6 remote sites were currently more than $600/month. These phone line charges recently increased 40% and were expected to increase in the future.

Observation: Radio Site survey was performed before project, to determine if any interference issues were present in the area.   A total of 7 sites were using dedicated phone line for communication between sites.  

Solution: Upgraded the old phone modems to MDS 900 MHz unlicensed radio’s with Wireless IP/ Ethernet.   After the radios were proven to work in the area, Omni 7 db antennas were installed at each of the two access points and the remote Well sites had 9 db Yagi antennas installed.  The following week the telemetry system was switched from the dedicated phone line to the MDS Radio communication. One week later, the dedicated phone line was abandon and service cancelled.  Iron Mt water is now on its own telemetry control system with no leased line charges.  No communication issues as they had with the phone lines.  

Results: Monthly phone charges eliminated with a savings annually of $ 7,560.  The cities call-in overtime cost also decreased with no comm. Fails.  No communication failures have been reported for over ten years of continuous operation. Bob Guetzkow

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