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Telemetry Network Greenville


Grenville sanitary district requires remote monitoring of operation from smart phones and or Tablets. Operators need to be able to view system, acknowledge alarms, change settings remotely.


Current Control systems includes 2 RsView SE Site edition computers for operation control, Win-911 software for alarm monitoring and notification, Allen Bradley PLC’s, and MDS Ethernet radios for communication between sites.  Fig(1)

Proposed Changes:

 Current Rockwell software RsView SE SCADA computer could be place onto the internet, firewalled and allowed access for monitoring using third party software like LogMeIn, Teamviewer, or GoToMyPC.


Placed user rights and securities onto the SCADA computers application.

Configured 2 IPAD’ s and SCADA Computer with LogMeIn software to gain remote Access.

Added new router to separate the control network and office networks.

Added separator ethernet adapter to be place on the SCADA computer to gain access to the Internet. Setup LogMeIn account, setup link on each IPAD and tested operation.


Operator can now securely access SCADA computer anywhere internet access is available or through IPAD or smartphone with good Cellular service. Remote monitoring can be accomplished when on the road, at a remote location.  Operators can also remotely monitor and acknowledge alarms.

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