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Posted on by P.J. Kortens

Problem:  Dairy customer was having issues with Liquisys conductivity probes.  They found that the material used could not handle the extreme temperature swings of the CIP system, over time the plastic became brittle and would crack. 

 Observations:  Customer had to replace the probe twice in a 6 month period, while the probes were covered under warranty, the time spent pulling the probe & cable frustrated the customer to the point of looking for a different unit (2 maintenance guys for 2 hours).

 Solution:  Recommended changing to the Anderson ILM-2 conductivity meter.  This meter is better suited for the application, plus the analyzer & probe are all 1 unit. The customer no longer needs 2 maintenance people to pull the cable.  We worked with Vendor to get special pricing to keep the solution within budget.

 Results:  Customer has not had a problem with the this installation since.  He is now going through the rest of the plant and changing over to Anderson ILM-2 analyzers.


J Schmidt 6/5/15


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